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  • Dr. Wendy Tink

    Family Physician & Medical Director

    Dr. Wendy Tink is  Clinical Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Family Medicine, Master Teacher in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, and Medical Director of Vive Rejuvenation. Dr. Tink has 30 years of experience in delivering quality care to patients, currently at the Sheldon Chumir Family Medicine Teaching Centre and at Vive Rejuvenation.
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    Family Physician

    Dr. Pat Connick is fostering the health and wellness of Calgarians at Vive® Rejuvenation. Dr. Connick’s sixteen years of experience as a family doctor have shown her that a positive self image is the foundation to achieving a happy and fulfilling life.
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6 Core Elements

to Look and Feel Fabulous

Joy in life, inner peace, mindfulness and meaningful relationships may be the best elixir for a fabulous you.
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Target lines that contribute to a stressed or tired look with neuromodulator anti-wrinkle injections.
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Balance and lift areas of lost volume in the face with dermal filler treatments.
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Rejuvenate both superficial and deep layers for healthy, smooth skin with LASER Treatments.
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Enhance treatments with MEDICAL SKINCARE and MEDICAL ESTHETIC Treatments.
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Body contouring with VENUS LEGACY Treatments.
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  • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal filler treatments are a non-surgical alternative for re-balancing and rejuvenating the face.
  • For Men

    A choice of treatment options, including all our services and products that are aimed to meet the specific needs of men…
  • PICO Genesis

    PICO Genesis treatments use the latest PICO technology to make your skin appear lighter, brighter, firmer, and smoother, with no downtime